Get Involved

  • Pray – We are always looking for people willing to join us in prayer as we minister in Kenya.
  • Feed a Church Full of Children – $40 will feed an entire church full of children for a day. $ 640 will cover an entire month in one of our programs.
  • Provide a Bible – $10 will provide a full Bible to a family who desperately desires a copy of the scriptures.
  • Provide Food – For only $70 you can provide 175 pounds of maize or beans for one of our partnering pastors to distribute in the village he lives in.
  • Provide a Home – $500 will provide a home for a family in need of shelter. These families are identified by our partnering pastors.
  •  Medical Care – NTN is always providing medical care for the children in our programs. Consider making a general donation to assist with these needs.

If you are interested in donating to any of these causes, please click on the Donate tab and make a designation in the comments before you complete your donation.

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