Nourishing the Nations exists to provide nourishing meals to the children of Kisumu County in western Kenya. These meals are provided through partnerships with local Kenyan pastors. As we provide nourishing meals for children, we pray the children and their families would come to know eternal life in Jesus Christ. We hope you would consider supporting our ministry. Nourishing the Nations is a registered 501-c3 organization based in Odessa, Texas.

Our Story

Chris and Leesa have led many short term mission teams to Kenya. These mission trips led to relationships with local pastors and educators. Over time, the Harringtons realized there was an opportunity to help hungry kids in the Kisumu area. The hunger many of these children experience is different than the hunger we experience in the United States. Long periods of malnourishment have devastating effects on children and their academic performance.

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With the local pastors, a plan was put in place to feed hungry children several times a week. The feeding takes place in local churches under the leadership of local pastors.  As these children begin to eat regular meals, their overall health improves and their school attendance increases. We pray these healthy, educated children would grow up and lead positive change for future generations of Kenyans.

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The feeding ministry of Nourishing the Nations also gives local Kenyan pastors the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with children and their families. Our hope is that by providing hot meals for hungry kids, many people would come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Please be in prayer for our pastors as they share the good news with those who need to receive the Bread of Life.

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