Build a Home

One of the greatest needs to survive is shelter. Imagine being responsible for not only your kids, but orphaned children as well. There are many challenges that the Kenyan people face, one of them is a safe, sturdy home to provide shelter for their family. Kenya experiences periods of hot, dry weather and then the rains will come. The rains can come and last for weeks at a time. When the rains come, the mud homes that most Kenyans live in, can be destroyed both by flash floods and flooding of low lying plains.  Many are left without a home when this happens. This is where our ministry partners can provide help.

For only $500 you can provide a home for a family. Most of the families that NTN provides a home for are widows and their orphaned children.  Part of the pastoral care that our partnering pastors provide is identifying widows in need of a home. Once a home recipient is identified, NTN is notified, and if funds are available a home will be built. The home can be built in one day by our partnering builder, Boaz, and his helpers. The home then has mud applied to the walls over a process that includes several steps. Once a home is complete and the recipient has moved in, one of our partnering pastors will follow up and hold a bible study in the home.

If you would like to provide a home for a widow in need, simply go to the Donate tab and specify your donation for a home.

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