What I’ve Learned through the Ministry of Nourishing the Nations

I want to introduce you to a ministry called Nourishing the Nations. This ministry was started by two of my heroes, Chris and Leesa Harrington. The Harringtons haven’t been to seminary and they don’t live on the mission field. For the Harringtons, a typical week involves working in the oil field, teaching a class of elementary students, and spending time with their sons (probably playing tennis or fishing). The Harringtons may seem like a regular family, but I assure you God is using them in extraordinary ways.


Here’s the thing about the Harringtons: they love Jesus, and they want to see the gospel make a real difference in real lives. Over the last decade the Harringtons have led at least a dozen mission teams, most of those traveling to Kenya. These teams have built homes for widows and orphans, shared the gospel door to door, and trained pastors in doctrine and discipleship. The Harringtons seen the gospel change lives in Kenya, but they’ve also seen the gospel change lives in Odessa. Dozens of Immanuel members have traveled to Kenya with the Harringtons, all of them learning how to share the gospel, how to serve the least among us, and how to live a live devoted to the task of global missions.

In 2017 Chris and Leesa decided God was calling them to do more than just lead teams to Kenya. After months of prayer, the Harringtons started Nourishing the Nations. This ministry partners with a group of pastors in western Kenya. These pastors and their churches are the hands and feet of Nourishing the Nations. Partner churches offer hungry kiddos the opportunity to get a hot meal, which in turn provides an opportunity to share the gospel with kiddos and their families.

Nourishing the Nations is a young ministry, but God has greatly blessed this work over the last several months.  As I’ve watched Chris and Leesa step out in faith to lead this ministry, I’ve been reminded of several important truths:

  • Technology has brought the world together in amazing ways. Modern travel and communication enable believers in the United States to actively partner with our brothers and sisters in Kenya to feed kiddos and proclaim the gospel.
  • People matter. All of them. Even the ones we don’t see on a typical day, and even the ones we only see through the miracle of social media. All kids deserve the chance to have a hot meal to eat and clean water to drink.
  • God can use ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Chris and Leesa are regular people who love Jesus and want the gospel to run through Kenya. God has used them to change many lives in Odessa and many lives in Kenya.

By: Landon Coleman

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